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Flash Fiction & Poems

They liked you very much until

They liked you very much until, lulled by their generosity with praise, you began to sing your own song. This wall of backs is your prize.

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In these mansions: the columns, the arches, the beds, the paintings, the tables,

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Dear John

Dear John, Those drops of the sea of Galilee swam so seductively down your chest. I wanted you, but you loved him best. Sorry, Salome

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Caught in the plume of her red dress

Caught in the plume of her red dress, the wind steals up her legs. The boys, delighted & mortified, giggle behind their hands; blessed.

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Top this.

Top this. And he unbuttons the flannel, revealing etched ripples of flesh & a blooming fountain of scars. They ohh and put their guns down.

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