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You've shown me so many shades

You’ve shown me so many shades of purple. Like the one here at my collarbone. And this one in the small of my back. What should I color you?

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You don't feel the paint

“You don’t feel the paint the way I do,” she wails. And he is truly sympathetic, but it’s his blood and he thinks he should have a say.

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She's still her mother's child

She’s still her mother’s child. Her words scissor the air, the hand print a wound on his cheek; this outburst, an unbroken promise.

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Mateo is a wrestler of giants

Mateo is a wrestler of giants, a tamer of wild horses. Full of his own myth, he goes after Maria who knocks him out with a frying pan.

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Give me Kiev again.

Give me Kiev again. 1953 on the Left Bank, summer spilt on the river & the air, so clean, so heavily new with your voice close to my ear.

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