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Baby, names don't impress me

Baby, names don’t impress me. They sound the same in your mouth as they do in mine. Dropping them like bread crumbs only feed crows.

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Crying done, cognac

Crying done, cognac lets us speak ill of you. We teeter bitterly on shame; enumerating the costs of your confidence & our easy virtue.

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We've broken English

We’ve broken English. Vietnam weighs the spaces in your breath, my Hs disappear across the sea. Not for your dad, I might still know you.

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We divvied up our friends

We divvied up our friends like our possessions, so when I see Peter in the market his surprise is like Judas’, his kiss a proxy of chance.

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I am walking with Peter along the main road that cuts between her veranda and the school. He is in a fit of frustrated tears after being denied an expensive race car back in town, the injustice of which still seizes him. It is so hot I don’t bother to comfort him or demand he [...]

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