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Johan's cataracts weren't a blight

Johan’s cataracts weren’t a blight on memory, sound. Beyond the fog was whistling cane & Mia humming in the yard as she hung the washing.

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I'm wearing someone else's underwear

I’m wearing someone else’s underwear, not yours. It’s softer, clings gently to my thighs, hugs where you go astray; fits just so. #TCTC

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At the hot springs in Nagano

At the hot springs in Nagano my kimono fights me as you quietly enter the room. With a turn, a fold, a knot you join my body with the cloth.

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Selena is the kind of girl

Selena is the kind of girl who carries her feelings in separate colored pocketbooks. Today’s is blue. She openly laughs at old men.

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My sister's hair is

My sister’s hair is like a frayed straw hat, her belt gone, as is one sock. She is so giddy; victory, a bright green flag in her hand.

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