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Janelle Monae: Cold War

When I watched this video for the first time this morning, I was struck by how emotionally honest it seemed. And then right on the heels of that thought, I remembered Erykah Badu’s video for “Window Seat” and how that, even with all of its guerrilla film making and nudity, didn’t come within striking distance [...]

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One Man’s Tribute to Blue Note

This is very impressive.

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My father cries when Miriam Makeba sings

My father cries when Miriam Makeba sings, “Benkuphi ma madoda.” “Soweto,” he weeps, “I still carry my stones. For Paul. For my tongue.”

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Her thoughts don't travel that way

Her thoughts don’t travel that way. That dress tangoing with her hips says so. Ain’t no pockets for a handkerchief let alone a Bible. Cha.

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Your dreadlocks a lattice tower

Your dreadlocks a lattice tower atop your head, you move. Vodou Adjae. “This is Boukman Eksperyans.” I fall hard for this Haiti; your hips.

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