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Her thoughts don't travel that way

Her thoughts don’t travel that way. That dress tangoing with her hips says so. Ain’t no pockets for a handkerchief let alone a Bible. Cha.

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Didn't you see how hard I tried

H: Didn’t you see how hard I tried not to leave you? S: Not hard enough. H: What more? S: That girl. You could have left her first.

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She found refuge here.

She found refuge here. The tea was hot and his words rivaled Gilead’s balm. But when despair bound him tight she had long forgot his name.

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He's a bastard, a brute

He’s a bastard, a brute, a run on sentence too gauche to bother with punctuation. Sandy isn’t in love with him, but his hog; the rev, vroom.

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Gentlemen: daft creatures.

Gentlemen: daft creatures. Making altars of girls’ collarbones, whistling into their hollow cheeks. So macabre. Discarded wives speak.

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