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I waited and you did come back

I waited and you did come back, but not just you. There was God and an Italian orphaned of good looks & humor. We all had tea. I wept later.

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Dear John

Dear John, Those drops of the sea of Galilee swam so seductively down your chest. I wanted you, but you loved him best. Sorry, Salome

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Birthdays, John the Baptist & Me

Today is my 35th birthday. If that number is meant to invoke panic about approaching middle age, sagging body parts, and introspection about where my life is as opposed to where I wish it to be, it has certainly failed. I woke up this morning to the grayest of skies and a mood that can [...]

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When she picked up the rock

When she picked up the rock & threw it, her allegiance was to her own righteousness. Upon drawing blood, she hungered to throw another.

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I'm told to pray

I’m told to pray, but the salt is discouraging. There’s no reconciling the granules imprinted on my knees with benedictions. All is hell.

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